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About baca skrip: #_____
baca skrip: #_____ is a monthly series of online Malay play readings happening from May to August 2020. Putting the spotlight on the written text, the platform revisits seminal works by Singapore Malay playwrights. This series hopes to create the space to consider the resonance of the text today, appreciating the textures in the use of the Malay language while peeping into the history of contemporary Malay playwriting.

From re-discovering the familiar and being surprised by the new, we invite you to re-acquaint yourselves with the characters’ confrontations with reality -- which is, in more than one way, our own.

Co-produced by Fezhah Maznan and Teater Ekamatra.

Read in Malay with accompanying Malay text and English sur-titles.

Due to limitations of the digital platform, the session is to be viewed on laptop/desktop only.


The world may be polarised but what we can all agree on, is that regardless of which camp we are in, Alfian Sa’at is everyone’s beloved critic and most importantly, playwright.

It’s undeniable what Alfian offers, evident from the numerous awards that he has won and from the number of sold out performances that his plays garner - regardless of its language, subject matter, be it in W!ld Rice, or Teater Ekamatra.

Rightly so, Alfian’s observations about the world and the communities he is part of are sensitive, critical and astute. The worlds that he creates for his characters are never an easy terrain to navigate. His characters are often complex and we often see a bit of ourselves in them — be it our worries, our insecurities or our strength.

More importantly for us, Alfian’s writing for the Malay theatre is smart in the way he reverses and subverts the colonial gaze that has been imposed on our shared history and narratives. It tackles, unpacks, and offers a different route into finding our place in society and the nation state. Undoubtedly, there is no other Malay playwright comparable to him.

To wrap up the final edition of the baca skrip:#_, which coincidentally falls on the Merdeka month for Singapore and Malaysia, we look at one of Alfian’s earlier works, Causeway. Written at a tender age of 21, this work won him a Commendation Award by the Malay Language Council in 1998.

Causeway (1998)

Causeway explores the relationship between Singaporeans and their closest neighbour, Malaysia. Consisting of eight chapters performed by an ensemble cast of seven, the play takes the audience on a tour of common histories and shared pop culture. A traffic jam on a Causeway forms the backdrop to various conflicts. Hang Nadim from Singapore meets with Mahsuri from Langkawi, both victims of injustice. The trauma of separation is allegorised as physical severance. Two families at a game show turn mutual stereotyping into a sport. Playful, insightful and theatrical, Causeway attempts to construct a bridge that transcends the limiting frameworks of ‘bilateral relations’.



Alfian Sa'at


Alfian Sa’at is the Resident Playwright of Wild Rice. In 2001, he won the National Arts Council Young Artist Award for Literature. He has been nominated 11 times for Best Original Script at the Life! Theatre Awards, winning for Landmarks (2005), Nadirah (2010), Kakak Kau Punya Laki (Your Sister's Husband, 2014) and Hotel(with Marcia Vanderstraaten, 2016). Alfian has also been awarded the Boh-Cameronian Award in Malaysia for Best Book and Lyrics for The Secret Life of Nora (2011) and for Best Original Script for Parah (Wounded, 2013). His plays have been performed in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Melbourne and Berlin.

Fasyali Fadzly

Fasyali Fadzly is a director, playwright, researcher and educator. He had written and directed his own plays such as Teater Juta-Juta, Berani Mati, Kotak Hitam, Mati Hidup Kembali, Ingatan and directed several plays from other playwrights. His theatrical works has been staged in Malaysia and abroad such as Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Canada and Czech Republic. He also writes theatre-related articles and reviews and was published in local and international web portal. In 2020, he had self-published his first collection of plays titled Teater Juta-Juta: Koleksi Skrip Teater Fasyali Fadzly. Currently, he works for Malaysian theatre archive project, My Art Memory Project as a researcher with Kathy Rowland. Fasyali is now serving as lecturer at The National of Arts, Culture and Heritage of Malaysia (ASWARA).

Arjun Thanaraju

Arjun Thanaraju was first introduced to theatre through the St. John's Institution Drama Club where he co-wrote his first play, which went on to win the Best Script Award at the state level competition in 2014. He returned to writing four years later at the Short and Sweet Theatre Festival hosted by the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre where his play, Arranged made the gala finals and won the Audience Choice Award. Arjun recently burst onto the local theatre scene under the guidance and mentorship of Khairi Anwar, the artistic director of Anomalist Production. He made his acting debut in their BOH Cameronian Arts Award winning play, Pohlithik, and is currently writing his first full-length play under Anomalist titled, Amma Chellam. Arjun hopes to continue giving untold Malaysian stories a voice, even if that voice must speak alone.

Darynn Wee

Darynn is a performer based in Kuala Lumpur. She graduated from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) Penang in 2018 with a BA in Acting & Directing. Currently, she is a Production Assistant in Five Arts Centre, a Malaysian performing arts company.

She has been involved in theatre acting since 2014, and has performed in Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Johor Bahru, Singapore and Australia.

Her recent performances, last year, she has worked under the direction of Fasyali Fadzly in two projects;
- Are You Game, Sau(dara)? (2019), a devised piece inspired by Leow Puay Tin’s Three Children.
- The Carer’s Monologue: A Rehearsed Reading (2019), a new script written by Leow Puay Tin.

Fazleena Hishamuddin

Fazleena Hishamuddin holds a BA (Hons) in Social Science majoring Malay Literature and Masters in Psychology Counselling at the National University of Malaysia (UKM). She is a producer, director, actor and writer. She has won a few awards for short films, such as Best Script for Experimental Category at the Short Film Festival RTM/FiNAS in 2007 and Special Jury Award for her short film Komunikasi Yang Hilang at the Young Artist Award 2009. She has acted in numerous plays such as Hegemoni, Teater Juta-Juta, Satu Plastik Hitam, Kawan-Kawan Yang Kita Suka, Neo-Romantik, Gadis dan Dua Menara and many more. Teater Juta-Juta directed by Fasyali Fadzly Won Best Group Performance at Boh Cameronian Arts Awards 2013. She bagged the Most Promising Actor Inter-university award in 2004 and won Best Actress for the Creative Visual Awards 2012.

Fazleena is nominated for Best Director at Boh Cameronian Arts Awards 2016 in Junior Cammies Category for Teater Kota Keli-Kelip. Kota Kelip-Kelip was her first debut play (full-length) as a director, which acted by marginal (orphan) kids/youth under Teach For The Needs (NGO). She is now actively working as a writer with 3 books have been published and Winner for My Writers Unleashed 2018 (best manuscript) organized by MyCreative Ventures. December 2018, Fazleena has directed Theatre Mona Ke Daerah M, a charity project acted by 20 marginal children from all over Malaysia at Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka. The show was sold out for 3 days.

Beside being a full time writer, Fazleena is also often invited to become a speaker for poetry and performance workshops all over Malaysia. She currently manages Serambi Karya, Jalan Bellamy Kuala Lumpur - a space dedicated for the arts, education and culture.

Gloria Tan

Gloria began her career as a teenager, receiving quality training from NYAS, New York Acting School, Singapore, before moving swiftly on to NAFA, where she graduated with a 3-year Diploma in Acting. Invested in culture and country, Gloria joined the Malay community to explore a change of culture and language. She immersed herself wholly into the community, eventually leading to a L!fe Theatre Award for Best Ensemble for Bilik/Ahmad. Turning her talents to the screen, Gloria appeared in multiple television programmes including BFF, Nora Wedding Concepts, Rempuh, Show Malam Ini (Seasons 1 & 2) Kecoh-Kecoh Ramadan and Ikhlas, as well as acting in her first ever international movie, BANTING (2014). In 2016, she performed her celebrated, sold out, one woman show at the Esplanade Studio, as part of the M1 Fringe Festival, entitled Kancil: The Chronicles of One & Zero, after which she was commissioned by Channel News Asia to devise a performance piece, targeted at youths, based on depression, which premiered in March 2016, entitled, My Name is Jamie. Expanding her repertoire and reach, Gloria has been working closely with Japan’s Gumbo Theatre, a critically acclaimed contemporary Japanese theatre company for the past five years performing in and around Japan, Singapore and the Philippines. In 2017, Gloria moved her work to Indonesia, working with Singapore’s The Necessary Stage for the sold out showing of Untitled Cow Number 1. Despite her broad and accomplished performance career, Gloria’s passion remains with the youth. A key facilitator for Republic Polytechnic’s, Operation Theatre, Gloria introduces Social-Realism Theatre into her classroom to help young actors gain a better insight into world affairs.

She speaks four languages, is a Grade 5 Violinist and an adept WWF Pro-wrestler.

Hafidz Rahman

Hafidz Rahman graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts majoring in Theatre Arts. He has worked with various companies such as Teater Kami, Teater Ekamatra, The Necessary Stage, The Theatre Practice and Bhumi Collective amongst many others. Over the past 6 years, as a freelance arts educator, he has worked with companies such as ACT 3 International, By Definition, Drama Arts and more. He is also part of Hatch Theatric, a collective made up of multi-hyphenated theatre makers.

Iedil Dzuhrie Alaudin

Iedil Dzuhrie Alaudin is a TV/Film and stage actor who started his performing arts experience in 1994, as a pioneer member of Tunas Budaya.

Until 2001, he was involved in several children’s theatre productions such as SITI DI ALAM FANTASI, TAMAN BAGINDA, LAGENDA and DEWI BUNGA. His interest continued at a young age with works in Syed Alwi’s I REMEMBER...THE REST HOUSE and Rahim Razali’s HULU MELAKA. In a career spanning over 2 decades, he has been involved in productions both locally and on the international stage.
As a rising actor in the region, Iedil starred in the film INTERCHANGE where he played the leading character, Adam. The film was featured at many film festivals around the world and had a successful theatrical release in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Iedil was last seen on stage in 2018 and 2019's musical hit, OLA BOLA THE MUSICAL in the titular role of RAHMAN. On the international stage, he was last seen in BEAUTIFUL WATER, a play staged in Fujimi, Japan. It was restaged in Jakarta, Indonesia early this year. A collaboration between Japan, Indonesia and Malaysia and featuring directors and actors from all three countries.

Iedil is also a member of the award-winning comedy sketch group, Projek Disko Baldi and KL improv troupe, AIIA Improv.

Umi Kalthum

Umi graduated with a Diploma in Theatre Arts from LASALLE College of the Arts in 2006, Umi has acted for theatre and television. Her theatre credits include MERDEKA / 獨立 / சுதந்திரம் and Supervision (W!LDRICE); Kampong Gelam Tales and 5IVE (Teater Ekamatra). Internationally, she has toured France with The Reunification of the Two Koreas (TheatreWorks). While she profoundly enjoys performing, teaching has always been Umi’s first love – she has spent the last decade educating young theatre-makers in the disciplines of writing, directing and acting.

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